Title of the Dissertation: "CHALLENGES AND POSSIBILITIES OF PERFORMANCE OF SOCIAL SERVICE IN THE SOCIO-ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE: an analysis of experiences recorded in the Annals of the Brazilian Congress of Social Workers (CBAS)".




Sumary: This research aims to discuss the socio-environmental issue and to problematize the challenges and possibilities of action of the social service in the socio-occupational space. For this, the dialectical historical materialism was adopted as a method of analysis and the Systematic Literature Review (RSL) of the Annals of the Brazilian Congress of Social Workers (CBAS) for the periods of 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. They were analyzed (26) twenty-six studies selected according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the research. Studies that identified with the theme of Social Work and the socio-environmental issue were included and studies that did not identify with this theme were excluded. The analysis of the CBAS studies made it possible to create an illustrative table of the production of the CBAS in the period 2010/2019 with the socio-environmental theme and the preparation of illustrative table I with the systematization of the actions and interventions of the social worker in the socio-environmental area and the framework II, which was elaborated from the analysis of the Theoretical, Methodological and ideo-political foundations of the CBAS studies. In the analysis of the CBAS studies, an increase in the theoretical production of the social worker's work and in the production and discussion of the socio-environmental issue in the academic sphere was identified, in university research having as a guideline the critical renewal of social work for debates about environmental policy, which the authors refer in greater production to the social worker in the social relations established in the socio-occupational spaces of his performance. The results of the analysis of the studies indicate that the environmental problem has been incorporated by the social service and its theoretical appropriation has been taking place from the influences of ideo-political, Marxist, contemporary references that permeate the field of its professionais intervention. The data revealed the insertion of the social service professional in the environmental policy, constituting this socio-occupational space in a challenge to the professional category, making it necessary to further qualify the debate on the socio-environmental issue and the manifestations of the socio-environmental issue, as well as the its multiple expressions in contemporaneity in the performance spaces. The studies analyzed in the CBAS also indicate the need for a greater critical theoretical foundation on environmental discussions in the Amazon considering the particularities, specificities of traditional populations which need to be pointed out by public policies in the Amazon, especially in Pará.

Keywords: Social service. Professional performance. socio-environmental issue

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Profa. Dra.  NADIA SOCORRO FIALHO NASCIMENTO   (Avaliador Interna) – UFPA


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Date: 04/27/2022