11/9/2015 13:55:26-CRESS PA

On Friday, October 30, occurred the last ordinary General Assembly of 2015, at the headquarters of the CRESS-PA. The space composed of counselors, advisors and social workers from the base showed the listeners the main deliberations of the national meeting CFESS/CRESS 2015 and accountability. The social workers in days with their obligations also voted by the new value of the annuity and the possession of new advisers to management. 


The President of CRESS-BP Walbert Barros explained to the present as the deliberations of the national meeting CFESS/CRESS, and a brief assessment of the deliberations followed or not by CRESS. 

The second point discussed by the social workers was referring to annuity 2016, based on the resolution of CFESS paragraph 724/2015 which sets as a minimum 317.42 and maximum R$ R$ 503.49, and for legal entities a unique level of R$ 503.49. In all three proposals have been presented, being the first of the second R$318,00 of R$330,00, and the third in the amount of 350.00 R$. The President of CRESS-PA led the vote of the annuity, being approved by category the value of 330.00 R$. 

The social workers discussed the re-composition of the positions in avoidance of current management and voted for the ticket of the following social workers in management: Laura Michele Serrão Lima Gomes (2nd Board member Supervisory Board); Thais Kj Leray da Silva (1st alternate); Alessandra Santos de Sousa (2nd alternate); Padhy Lion de Oliveira (third alternate).

 During the Assembly the accounting Advisor of CRESS-PA, Anne Flag, presented to/social workers accountability and made a preview of the budget forecast of 2016.


Source : Ascom CRESS-PA