11/12/2015 17:02

Ending the activities of the National Workshop, Luciana Melo (UNIFESP/BS) brought the referrals of the draft with transformations from research ethics.

The ABEPSS, since 2013 participates in a GT of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHS) of National Research Ethics Committee of the National Council of the Ministry of health Health-CONEP/CNS/MS, which aims to draw up specific legislation in the area of ethics in research in the humanities and social sciences.

"The table which took place was of extreme importance, because we put to our plenary, where this route that we had about the resolution. From December of 2015 is foreseen the possibility of approval of this draft that will be very important to our social service as well as area is important to the areas of the humanities and social sciences "highlighted Luciana.

The draft resolution is a proposal, which still has challenges and specific limits, exposes a path of struggle of the humanities and social sciences to participate actively and independently formulating and regulating the research ethics to our areas, so by setting in a singular moment.