Development of socio-educational activities

The Program seeks to develop training activities aimed at the external public, contributing to the dissemination of the knowledge produced in the academic field and in the improvement of the professional qualification of its student body. In view of this perspective, we highlight the extension project called Occupational Health and Social Rights of Victims of Work Accidents at the Complexo do Alumínio - Barcarena / Pará, approved by the Edict MEC - Ed. PROEXT - 2015, with financial assistance for their actions. The project is coordinated by the Professor of the Program, Professor Vera Lúcia Batista Gomes and aims to develop socio-educational activities on the social, labor and social security rights of workers victims of work accidents in the Aluminum Production Chain in the municipality of Barcarena-Pará.


Events organization

The PPGSS was involved in the organization of the Regional Meeting, entitled Work, Public Policies and Social Work in the Amazon, together with the Regional Council of Social Work of the 1st Region (CRESS), with the support of the Federal Council of Social Work (CFESS) and of the Institute of Applied Social Sciences of UFPA (ICSA). The meeting took place in mid-November 2015 and was attended by the Professors José Paulo Netto, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and Valério Arcary, from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo (IFSP). The event was held with great success and provided an exchange of knowledge and experiences among the participants, through the promotion of debates and discussions on the challenges faced by the training and the intervention of the social care professional. Other events that counted on the collaboration of teachers of the Program were: the Social Worker Week, promoted by the Regional Council of Social Work of the 1st Region (CRESS), in May 2015 in Belém; The First International Social Policy and Social Work Meeting: Challenges, held in Londrina, Paraná, at the beginning of June 2015.

In 2016, it is worth mentioning in commemoration of the 20 years of existence of the PPGSS / UFPA, the first Regional Seminar: Social Work and Social Research in the Amazon: breaking the limits, with the presence of renowned speakers in the Service area Social. This seminar was organized by the Social Work Graduate Program of the Federal University of Pará and counted on an organizing committee formed by 4 professors of the PPGSS: Professor Maria Antonia Cardoso Nascimento (UFPA), Professor Adriana Azevedo Mathis (UFPA), Professor Joana Santana Valente (UFPA) and Professor Vera Lucia Batista Gomes (UFPA). It is worth mentioning that, according to the requirements of the area of Social Work, the event presents site: semináriosspsa. and ISBN: 978-8561214-33-3. It is also worth mentioning that the seminar was attended by several speakers from several Brazilian institutions, such as: Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM, Campos dos Goytacases University Campus of Fluminense Federal University - PUCG / UFF, Pontifícia Universidade Católica Federal University of Pernambuco - UFPE, UFRJ, Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC, Federal University of São Paulo - UNIFESP, School of Social Work of the Federal Fluminense University - ESS / UFF, Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM and the Federal University of Pará. Finally, the seminar on screen was attended by 300 participants, among the audience present: students, teachers, assistants, social scientists, sociologists, psychologists, pedagogues, historians and leaders of social movements.

In 2017 several events were held, namely: - inaugural class, with the theme of the social work assistant, with the presence of Professors Rosa Predes. Mini-course with Professors Jane Prates, from PUC / RS, on the "Method in Marx". In addition to the many events organized by the research groups linked to the program.