Area of Concentration: Social Work, Work and Social Policies

It studies and researches the centrality of work and its different forms of organization and management; the process of consolidation of the capitalist mode of production and the "social question"; the matrices of the main social theories (classical and contemporary); the different theoretical perspectives of State and of social policies; the configuration of the bourgeois state and the relation with social policies, with emphasis on the articulation of class, race, ethnicity, generation and sexualities; the socioeconomic formation of Brazil and the Amazon; the conflicts and social movements in the confrontation of the expressions of the "social question" and its peculiarities in the Amazon; and Social Work in its process of constitution and historical development, theoretical-methodological, technical-operative, and ethical-political.


Research Line 1:

Social Work and Social Policies in the Amazon

It analyzes Social Work in the relationship between the consolidation of the capitalist mode of production; the emergence of the "social question" and its expressions and social policies; historical and theoretical-methodological trends in Social Work; vocational training, professional intervention and socio-occupational spaces; the ethical-political project of Social Work; the conflicts and social movements in the confrontation of the expressions of the "social question" and its peculiarities in the Amazon.


Research Line 2:

Social Work and Work in the Amazon

It reflects work as the foundation of the constitution of the social being. The capitalist mode of production; the capital crisis and its particularity in the Amazon; the different forms of work organization and management, as well as their impact on social life; expressions of the social question in the Amazon and the work of the Social Worker.


Research Line 3:

Social Service and Human Rights in the Amazon

Develops studies and research on the configuration of the State and Capital in the Amazon, the violation of human rights (especially around issues of class, race, ethnicity, gender identity, generation, sexual orientation, migrant status, traditional peoples, refuge) . Investigations into socio-environmental and territorial conflicts, the processes of inequality, social struggles and resistance and their repercussions on the way and conditions of life of social subjects in the Amazon region. Studies related to violence and the punitive power of the State in the prison, justice and public security system. Studies on the attributions, professional competences, professional work of the Social Worker in these areas, as well as their contributions to the production of scientific knowledge on these themes.