The PPGSS of UFPA and the Social Work and Sustainability in the Amazon Graduate Program, of the Federal University of Amazonas, are the only programs at the Academic Master's level of this area of knowledge in all the North of the Country, supplying an existing demand in the which concerns the qualification of Social Work professionals and related areas. In this way, the Program has also attracted the attention of professionals from other states, especially in Maranhão, Amapá and Tocantins, who come after qualification in order to act as teachers in public and private educational institutions present in these states. However, graduates of the PPGSS are not limited to teaching in higher education, but also to work as a social worker and public agencies of the municipal administration.



One of the next steps pursued by the Program is the implementation of the Doctorate in Social Work, whose proposal is elaborated from the engagement of the faculty of the PPGSS in a collective work. A key element in the construction of the proposal is the urgency of advancing scientific production in the North region, since research is believed to be fundamental for the interpretation of historical reality, particularly in the Amazon (region inscribed in the social and territorial division of labor as a place of exploitation of natural and human resources), marked by high levels of economic and social inequality.