11/12/2015 17:02

Ending the activities of the National Workshop, Luciana Melo (UNIFESP/BS) brought the referrals of the draft with transformations from research ethics.

The ABEPSS, since 2013 participates in a GT of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHS) of National Research Ethics Committee of the National Council of the Ministry of health Health-CONEP/CNS/MS, which aims to draw up specific legislation in the area of ethics in research in the humanities and social sciences.

11/17/2015 13:16:33-CRESS PA

Violence in Bethlehem: the scars of social injustice

The simple flight over the city of hoses is revealing of what city it is. Stuck in the middle of the waters from Guamá and the beautiful Belém to Guajará 400 years reveals his "scars". The waters that you bathe can't hide the disparities between the Bethlehem of the included and the excluded to Bethlehem. "Patches of urban poverty are candid shots from above, in contrast to urban areas and embellished the best live. As these were built 400 years such differences?


11/9/2015 13:55:26-CRESS PA

On Friday, October 30, occurred the last ordinary General Assembly of 2015, at the headquarters of the CRESS-PA. The space composed of counselors, advisors and social workers from the base showed the listeners the main deliberations of the national meeting CFESS/CRESS 2015 and accountability. The social workers in days with their obligations also voted by the new value of the annuity and the possession of new advisers to management.