In 2017, professors and students of the PPGSS concentrated their research activities in several municipalities in the State of Pará, particularly the municipalities of Pará that develop mining activities, such as Parauapebas and Barcarena, that present serious social, economic and environmental problems experienced by the communities in the surroundings of the mining-metallurgical projects. Also, many research and extension projects involve other locations in the metropolitan region of Belém and other regions of the state, such as the research developed by GEPSS, which covered municipalities in 6 regions, in direct articulation with the state secretary of Social Assistance, Labor, Employment and Income (SEASTER). Thus, contact with institutions, organizations and employers of Social Work is frequent, as well as Regional Councils of Social Assistance and other organs of the category.

It is also worth mentioning that PPGSS / UFPA continues to carry out activities in support of the undergraduate course in Social Work of the UFPA Campus, in the municipality of Breves / Pará, located on the Island of Marajó. This municipality presents one of the worst Human Development Indicators / HDI of the state and the creation of the Social Work course in that area resulted from a demand for the formation of qualified professionals to work in Public Policies to confront these indicators. In addition to the professors of the Graduation in Social Work of Breves have been qualified as masters by the PPGSS / UFPA, the professors of the Program have participated in Workshops of Conclusion of Course and diverse events of the Faculty of Social Work of that municipality.