1. City, Housing and Human Space Research Group (GEP-CIHAB)
Discusses the socio-spatial contradictions inherent in the capitalist city, particularly the inequalities in access - by fractions of the working class - to the goods and services produced by the market and by the State, particularly in relation to housing. Offer the elective discipline "capitalist city and urban policies".
GEP-CIHAB has as leader Professor Joana Valente Santana, with the participation of Ana Klaudia de Almeida Viana Perdigão, doctorate professors, the Postgraduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism / PPGAU / UFPA, and Professor Rovaine Ribeiro, geographer and Doctor in the same area, linked to the Faculty of Social Work / FASS / UFPA.
Registered Students: 4 students linked to the Group's research projects.
Elective Subject: Urban Issues and Housing Policy in the Amazon.


2. The Research Group on Urban Policies and Social Movements (GPPUMA) 
Studies the human presence in the Panamazonic region; the socio-environmental and territorial transformations arising from the forms of occupation and use of natural resources; the historical process of formation of the Amazon region and the structural changes in its social base; the processes of mobilization and resistance for the recognition of specific territories and identities, and public policies to deal with regional inequalities. Offer the elective course "Urban-Rural and Social Struggles in Brazil and the Amazon".
GPPUMA has as leader the Professor Sandra Helena Ribeiro Cruz and vice leader to Professor Nádia Socorro Fialho Nascimento, in addition to Professor Roselene de Souza Portela. Also counting with the participation of professors Welson Cardoso of the Faculty of Social Work / FASS / UFPA, Jurandir Novaes of the Faculty of Economic Sciences / FACECOM and Pedro Paulo.
Registered Students: 3 students linked to the Group's research projects
Elective Subject: Urban-rural and social struggles in Brazil and the Amazon Society and Nature and Territory.


3. Group of Studies and Research Labor, State and Society in the Amazon (Gep-TESA).
It studies the Brazilian reality and, in particular, the Amazon, which constitutes a privileged locus of capitalist accumulation in contemporary times. It also aims to train professionals capable of understanding the complexity of expressions of the social question in the Amazon region, reflecting on the reflection and understanding of the productive and reproductive dimensions of social life, highlighting the world of work with regard to the management and control of workforce, as well as the particularity of the daily life of the different social subjects. Gep-TESA is led by Dr. Vera Lúcia Batista Gomes and vice-leader to Dr. Maria Antonia Cardoso Nascimento, and are also part of the research group Dr. Daniela Ribeiro Castilho and Francilene Soares de Medeiros Costa, Faculty of Social Work - FASS / UFPA.
Registered Students: 6 students linked to research projects developed by the members of the Group.
Elective Subject: (Neo) Developmentalism, Social Work and Interdependence class, race / ethnicity, gender and generation.


4. Study Group on Social Work, Social Policy and Vocational Training (GEPSS). 
It studies the foundations of Social Work and its relationship with the different areas of social policies and social rights. It investigates the professional foundations, social theories, methods, instrumentality, technical-operative dimension, theory-practice relationship, practice teaching, supervised internship and academic production. He also focuses his research on social policies, focusing on Social Security and particularity in the Social Assistance Policy. The GEPSS is led by Professor Reinaldo Nobre Pontes and vice leader to Professor Cilene Sebastiana da Conceição Braga, also integrating the group Professor Welson Cardoso, both from the School of Social Work - FASS / UFPA.
Students enrolled: 03 (PIBIC); 03 (master's degree) and (01) doctoral students linked to research projects of the Group.
Elective Subject: Theoretical-methodological foundations of Social Work.


5. Studies and Research Group "Society, Territory and Resistance in the Amazon- (GESTERRA)".
It studies the following themes: imperialism, social question and social struggles in the Pan-Amazon; mobility of capital, social conflicts and resistances; teritorialization process, environment and territorial planning policies; and infrastructure and logistics projects, relocation and urban and rural resettlement. GESTERRA has as leader Professor Solange Maria Gayoso da Costa and Vice-leader Professor Marcel Theodoor Hazeu. Also counts with the participation of Professor Nadia Socorro Fialho Nascimento and with the Social Assistants and Master in Social Work Vania Lúcia Lemos Catete, Eucicléia Dias Costa and with the Social Worker Mylena dos Santos Santana.
Students enrolled: 05 (PIBICS); 01 (PIBEX); 03 (master's degree); 01 (doctorate).
Subject: Nature and Territory Society


6. Study and Research Group: Labor, Human Rights and Social Security (TRADHUSS).
It studies the following Themes: Work; Human rights; Social Security. The TRADHUSS Group has as leader Professor Adriana Azevedo Mathis and vice leader to Professor Cilene Sebastiana da Conceição Braga.
Registered Students: 3 students linked to the Group's research projects
Elective Subjects: Development and Human Rights in the Amazon and State and Society in Contemporary Capitalism