Title of thesis: “CHILD WORK AND SOCIAL REPRODUCTION OF RIVERSIDE FAMILIES: Study of mediations and particularities in the rivers of Marajó/Pa.”



Abstract: The present thesis submitted to the Postgraduate Program in Social Work at the Federal University of Pará, had os its generais objective, to analyze the process of social reproduction of riverside families and the child labor performed by children and adolescents in the Tajapurú River, in the municipality of Breves, in the Marajó archipelago, considering the economic, legal, and sociocultural measurements that involve the studied social being. We seek to understand child labor as a concrete social phenomenon that is determined by the material conditions through which it is carried out in the lives of the children and adolescents, sons and daughters of the marajoara working class. Child labor is often confused as a form of help and obligation, or as socializing behavior since it hides the exploitative nature of labor power. The social theory that underlies it is Karl Marx's social theory and the method is historical and dialectical materialism. It is the result of a qualitative research, which relied on semi-structured interviews. We resorted to academic productions, such as dissertations and theses, as well as our own experiences as a teacher at UFPA. This leads us to particular experiences of working-class childhoods. The lack of responsibility of the State in regard to policies aimed at assisting families was verified, through the absence of confrontation of the social-assistance network of the municipality, with emphasis on the Guardianship Council and the Municipal Court for Children and Youth. The research found that the reality of working children in Breves, whether in the rivers, in the rural area or in the city, is functional to particular experiences of working-class childhood and reflects the devaluation of Marajoara's childhood and adolescence and a profound violation of their fundamental human rights, since they are subjected to the worst forms of child labor.

Keywords: Production. Social reproduction. Riverine families; Childhood. Child Labor. Rights Violations.


Examination Board:

Prof. Dr. Reinaldo Nobre Pontes (Orientador) - UFPA

Prof. Dr. Marcel Theodoor Hazeu (Avaliador Interno) – UFPA

Prof.ª. Dr.ª Vera Lúcia Batista Gomes (Avaliadora Interna) – UFPA


Prof.ª. Dr.ª Yolanda Aparecida Demétrio Guerra (Avaliadora Externa) – UFRJ

Prof.ª. Dr.ª Marlene Rodrigues Medeiros (Avaliadora Externa)  – UFPA


Local: Sala Multimeios FAAD/ICSA

Data: 01/09/2022