Title: "SOCIAL SERVICE IN THE CARE OF USERS WITH HIV/AIDS: a study on low adherence to treatment"



Summary: This study sought to address and deepen the issues surrounding the issue of interruption/abandonment of treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS in order to better understand the conjunctural, structural and social factors that contribute to the fragility of this dynamic and multifactorial process. characterizes as membership in its broadest definition. Thus, the general objective was to analyze the low adherence to treatment of users with HIV/AIDS in a university hospital in Belém. The specific objectives were: to briefly contextualize health policies, highlighting their (re)meaning and their conception as a social right in the scope of HIV/AIDS; investigate the insertion of social services in the health area and its relationship with HIV/AIDS and analyze the process of (non) adherence to HIV/AIDS treatment in the specialized care service at the João de Barros Barreto University Hospital. An exploratory study was carried out, based on quanti-qualitative research, establishing a dynamic relationship between the real world and the subject. The field research was carried out at the João de Barros Barretos University Hospital (UHJBB), a reference institution in the treatment of people with HIV/AIDS, also using documentary research in the hospital's database (medical records), interviews with users and a local Social Worker , from September 2019 to February 2021. It was observed that the factors that most impacted the continuity of treatment was the stigma that persists for more than 40 years of the epidemic generated by a number of technical and structural errors in Public Policies, corroborating for the massification of prejudice and discrimination.

Keywords: Social service. Non-adherence to treatment. Health Policies. HIV/AIDS.


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Prof. Dr. MARCEL THEODOOR HAZEU (Internal Evaluation) – UFPA

Profa. Dra.  MARCIA IRENE PEREIRA ANDRADE (External Evaluator)-UFAM

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Date: 12/16/2021

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Title: SOCIAL WORKERS AND MANAGEMENT: A case study in Social Assistance Policy



Summary: This dissertation deals with a study about the work of the social worker in the management of social policies. Its general objective was to analyze how management, defined by the Law on Profession in 1993, is present in socio-occupational spaces that employ social workers. For this purpose, the Social Assistance Policy - PAS was adopted as a methodological approach, considered by most studies in the area of ​​knowledge in Social Work as the social policy that most employs them. referred/professionals. The methodological procedure also opted for a case study, the Municipality of Castanhal in the State of Pará, where the author has worked as a social worker throughout her professional trajectory. The technical procedure for data collection included a bibliographic and documentary survey regarding social policies, in the first case and, in the second, of PAS, mainly in the scope of the secretariats, responsible for the management and execution of municipal actions of social policies in Castanhal. Furthermore, questionnaires were applied to PAS managers and workers through semi-structured questions carried out online by the Google Forms platform. The study indicates that the PAS in Castanhal reproduces the model of social policy adopted in Brazil, according to which inequalities are not faced, but welfare actions are reiterated, a situation that has worsened in the last three years. Despite the Municipal Social Assistance Secretariat - SESMA, in Castanhal, absorbing the largest number of social workers, a situation that is not different from other secretariats that cross the PAS, the number of professionals who have had experience in management is insignificant. The few who performed this function did not complete the four-year term, fulfilled by the mayor at the time. A given that among other reasons, it can be explained by the refusal of social workers to obey the guidelines of the municipal manager, contrary to the understanding that although exercised in the context of contradictions, PAS defends the rights of those who need it.

Keywords: Social Assistance Policy, Management, social worker.


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Profa. Dra. DANIELA RIBEIRO CASTILHO (Internal Evaluation) – UFPA

Profa. Dar.  HELOÍSA HELENA CORRÊA DA SILVA (External Evaluator)-UFAM

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Date: 12/14/2021

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